The thickness of workpiece should be set when using welding equipment

2020-02-21 588

Before using manual flume welding equipment, it is necessary to check the voltage and current. In order to ensure that it is within the rated power range of the machine, it should not be too high or too low. However, only under normal conditions, welding will definitely affect. As long as ability is used, it can guarantee the function.

Also pay attention to the parameter setting of welding machine, which needs to be set according to different workpiece and different thickness. In particular, the welding speed of the welding machine should not be too fast, otherwise it will affect the welding quality, and of course, it should not be too slow,which will not only reduce the work efficiency, but also cause big scars. The welded parts shall be uniform. Welding speed.

In fact, after setting the parameters of the welding machine, you can test it first, and only after the test can you join the production. In addition, the problem of the workpiece can not be ignored, the need to clean the workpiece before processing, in order to prevent the surface stains from affecting the welding effect of the welding machine.


If there is something wrong with the welding machine itself, what to do? First of all, you need to check the inside of the electrical control box to ensure that it is dry. If water or oil is found, do not open it. The second is to check the voltage, which should be guaranteed under rated conditions.

Not only that, but also to see the sensitivity of the rotating parts of the welding machine. If it is found that it is not sensitive, it must be caused by internal stains or lack of oil. Check the safety door switch. If the safety door switch is in the open state, which is mainly caused by the motor fault,the motor needs to be disassembled for inspection and protection.

With the gradual enhancement of functions, welding machines are more and more used in various fields, which is closely related to their visual sensors. The welding machine identifies the products on the production line through the visual system,and then performs corresponding actions according to the requirements of setting parameters. After installing the vision sensor, the processing capacity of the welding machine is greatly improved.

Secondly, the key factor that affects the intelligence of welding machine is the intelligent grasp of fixture. The fixing device of welding machine must be used for the packaging of products which are difficult to handle. Products with different shapes and information are required. The clamp usually squeezes air into a special darkroom to produceupward traction and even lift the belt off the belt.

This article comes from the manual welding equipment of water tank

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